Our “How To Make The Phone Work For You” Sales Training had a nearly perfect rating of 9.8/10. Over 40 people attended this event. Below are their feedback. Again please note that these are direct quotes from the survey that we conducted after the said event.

What did you enjoy most about the event?

“How to overcome objections and am looking forward to using them!”

“Relaxed manner of Rob.  Thorough knowledge, interactive, learnt a lot.”

“Relaxed course, learnt things I could use in practice.”


“Relaxed atmosphere, everyone joins in together on group activities.”

“New information/advice to help me improve my prospecting.”

“Very relaxed and concentrating on the structure of a call rather than a mundane script was brilliant.”

“Language – simple words can change the course of a conversation.”

“I have learnt so much new stuff to take away to help improve what I do.”

“Relaxed atmosphere.”

“I enjoyed the presentation and honesty of Rob, very real world and realistic.”

“Learning how to structure a call.”

“Knowledge of overcoming objections.”

“Handling objections.”

“Information given will be easily implemented into my process of calls.”

“I enjoyed the level of participation I had during the course.”

“Informative, friendly manner of delivery – simple eye opening facts!”

“Good pace of training.  Great ideas.”

“The approach was different to any other courses and has given me the opportunity to be more effective in my role.”

“I enjoyed the day, brought a fresh and simple way of overcoming objections on calls.”

“Details of presentation and manner in which was presented.”

“The information about delivery of questions.”

“Very professional, structure to calls, confidence in making calls.”

“The way it was delivered.”

“Enjoyed the personal feedback at end of every stage of the sections of the course.”

“Preparing the script, discussing how to overcome objections.”

“Objection handling.”

“Made me open minded about making prospect calls and not to be scared of rejection, and to overcome rejection.”

“I thought the whole structure of the course was excellent.”

“Excellent.  Very informative.”

“The pace of the day and the way that Rob delivered the whole programme.”

“It was very helpful in how to word all your sentences to customers etc.”

“Learning how to overcome objections and the fact that it was informal.”

“I learned something new!”

“Looking at changing parts of my process which is going to help me sell cars.  Feel, felt, found is going to have a big benefit to me.”

“A greater understanding of presentation, overcoming objections, creating the ‘salt the oats’ and benefit for the customer.”

“I enjoyed the course and found it very helpful.  Particularly found dealing with objectives very useful, also reminder to use correct language and deliver any pitch with enthusiasm.”

“Practical content, relevant to the job.”

“The dealing with objectives and different outcomes in a sales environment and telephone environment.”

“Simplified way of dealing with prospect calls.”

“Objection handling techniques.”

Would you recommend this event to others (and why)?

“Definitely!  I think everything I learnt today will be just as useful for my colleagues.”

“Yes, positive atmosphere.   In the real world will help in a very important but often hated part of our business.”

“Yes, very interesting.”

“Yes, it has better ways to deal with customers on the phone.”

“Yes, have learnt plenty of prospecting techniques to put into practice.”

“Yes, definitely learnt a few things that will work!”

“Yes, very good and informative.”

“Definitely recommend this course.  I don’t think you can effectively re-solicit customers without doing this course and learning to structure the call.”

“Yes!  Makes what some will find a mountain to climb a very small hill.”

“Yes, so many new things that it will be beneficial.”

“Yes, new innovative techniques.”

“Yes, you will pick up tips and techniques.”

“Yes, it gives you knowledge to help with making calls.”

“Yes, nice to be able to put your own ideas into a structured call rather than reading from a script.”

“Yes, not scripted – more natural.”

“Yes, informative and useable information.  Trainer explained everything very well.”

“I would because it helped change my mindset and I believe it is something everyone who prospects should know.”

“Yes, as it is always good to be put in a situation that makes you see where you can improve or totally change!”

“Fantastic refresher and great new ideas.”

“Yes, as I think the techniques and mindset applied are very good.”

“Yes, everyone can learn something new.”

“Yes, changes how you think, that’s all good.”

“I 100% would.  Great learning event for me.”

“Yes, refresher and back to basics.”

“Yes, easy to understand and more enjoyable.”

“Yes, reminds you what it’s all about.”

“Yes, very informative.  Relaxed atmosphere.”

“Yes it was fun, and not only that, it gives a positive attitude about things.”

“Yes, has to have value for anyone who is in sales.”

“I would recommend everyone to attend as it has totally changed my attitude to prospecting.”

“Yes I would recommend to anyone as it would help everyone in their job.”

“Yes as it is full of ideas and way to increase sales.”

“Yes, informative and enjoyable.”

“YES!  Everything today has been relevant and beneficial to me.  Everything we talked about I will be able to apply to my working day and gain with.”

“Yes, a practical approach for sensible structure and prospecting processes.”

“Yes, I would as I found it to be very useful.”

“Yes because of its value to the job.”

“Yes, very informative, my attention was captured the whole time.”

“Yes, very user friendly and informative.”

“Absolutely, no matter how long you have been selling it is always great to learn a fresh approach.”

What was your biggest learning from the event?

“Overcoming objections and tag questions.  I think I will be able to use both of these to great effect and hopefully get more appointments.”

“Structure every call.  Be prepared, anticipate objections, and handle objections – positive outcome.”

“Overcoming customers’ objectives.”

“How to open a telephone call with any customer.”

“Feel, felt, found.”

“How to structure a prospect call using anticipated reactions/solutions to objections that I may come across.”

“Structured calls, overcoming objections.”

“Overcoming objections and tag questions.”

“It’s a structure not a script, makes it feel more natural.”

“Not to try to sell anything other than the appointment.  Structure the call to overcome the objections.”

“Tag questions and overcoming objections.”

“FFF taglines, analysis and planning of calls and expecting objections.”


“How to be prepared and deal with objections.”

“Slow down and structure a process.  Set realistic targets.”

“The handling objection and turning it around and taking positive control.”

“To genuinely structure your prospect in a focused manner.”

“Prospecting should be quality not quantity.  Be prepared before call.  Be bright and enjoy.”

“To control the conversation, bring it to a central point and have a positive outlook.”

“To slow the process down, work on my patter.”

“People are people, relationships before sales, no bullshit just facts, facilitate the sale.”

“To plan my calls before I call and deliver my questions correctly.”

“Structure to call, handling objections.”

“To slow down and not be afraid of telephone.”

“To slow down and have more confidence on the phone.”

“To be more prepared before making the call.”

“Gives me more confidence to prospect.”

“How to deal with objections.”

“1 to 20 Game.  Dealing with objections was a big thing for me; it would have been an area I would have struggled on.”

“The whole thought process and planning the call, selling the appointment not trying to seal the deal on the phone.”

“Structure, planning and language used in prospecting calls.”

“The time management was great (168).”

“How to overcome objections and make the customer feel they are getting good treatment but still giving good results to the sales team ie. making more appointments.”

“To be more positive about prospecting, better understanding about the objective.”

“Anticipation to overcome objectives, writing down common objectives and having written examples to overcome them using feel, felt and found.”

“Understanding objections and looking at them in a positive manner to create appointments.”

“I learnt to slow down when phoning customers, be prepared for every call and have a good script planned.”

“A customer saying No is not a failure, nor is it a reason to avoid the task which has its proven results ie 50% sales potential.”

“The different approaches to customer objectives.  New learning opportunity.”

“The way to deal with customer objections and obtaining appointments.”

“Simplicity can be the key.  Keeping a personalised script short and to the point with clear objectives plus personalising it to the customer.”

Other comments and feedback (eg style of delivery, pace of the event).

“All good, no complaints. 10/10 for the day!”

“Great day – Rob had everyone listening.”

“Found the course very interesting and the way it was explained.”

“Very enjoyable – Rob was amazing.”

“Very enjoyable, great course.”

“Brilliant presenter who kept the day informative and interesting throughout.”

“Nice, easy to pick up pace.”

“Excellent course, not the usual drivel of ‘there’s a script that will work if you follow it’!”

“Loads of good stuff to take away.  Well delivered in an enjoyable manner.”

“Relaxed, informative, easy to understand, great delivery.”

“Everything as it should have been.”

“Very relaxed and informative.”

“Speed of event was useful.”

“I enjoyed the interaction, the slow down nature and the positivity Rob oozed.”

“Great trainer – enjoyed the day.”

“Well structured and delivered with great enthusiasm.”

“Very good.  Rob is easy to listen to, I never dropped off once (not like me)!”

“Very good pace, well presented, open and honest.  Good tone to the voice.”

“Event was great; Rob was fantastic, great speaker.  Thanks.”

“Good pace and great fun, and enjoyable and professional.”

“Good – Timing.”

“Style and delivery was fantastic.”

“Content of course and materials were excellent.”

“Enjoyed the event.  Looking forward to the sales training.”

“Very good pace, at no point was I not interested.”

“All in all a very worthwhile event that we should all see reward in.”

“The event was very well laid out and understanding it was also funny at times.”

“Fun, easy to stay interested, informal.”

“Well presented information at a nice pace, not too quick or slow.”

“Everything about today worked for me, nice and relaxed, never boring, constantly engaged and very informative.”

“The day went very quickly with expert presentation and class interaction.”

“Rob was a good trainer and I liked the 1-20 game.  He made everything easy to understand.”

“Well planned out, relative and also built rapport and personality.”

“Book for more point of reference.”

“The fact that there is no forced script, people buy from people.  Day flew in, presented professionally.”

“The day flew as we covered a lot of very relevant and good information.”

If you would like to attend Rob’s next event please call 01482 661177 or email  office@in3ltd.co.uk.