Our “How To Make The Phone Work For You” Sales ProcessTraining got rating of 9.9/10. Nearly 50 people attended this event. Below are their feedback. Please note that the following are direct quotes from the survey that we conducted after the said event.

What did you enjoy most about the event?

“The whole two day experience.”

“Alternatives to appraisals and the obstacles you can face.”

“Pac Model, Business Card, Agenda, Process.”

“I enjoyed everything about the event.  I learnt so many new ways to communicate in a positive way with all of my customers.”

“Interaction, new range of knowledge.”

“Learning everything about the sales process from start to finish.”

“The way it was set up and the learning structure.”

“The content and back to basics message with a totally different view.”

“Everything – the whole content was relative and appropriate.”

“Interaction with Rob and the group.  All aspects of the content make good business sense moving forward.”

“Lots of very useful information with lots of interaction.”

“All of it – all very good.”

“The back to basics training.  Due to being new to the company the information was much appreciated.”

“Great refresher; much needed.”

“New information/ presentation skills.”

“Knowing all methods on how to sell to all people.  Adding personal touch on a different level to your own customers.”

“Rob’s presentation style.”

“Very positive and knowledgeable.  Rob’s particular style I found very good.”

“The course reinforced the sales process which I am already familiar with but with a completely different way of looking at it.”

“Learning new techniques around sales process and the psychology of buyers, overcoming objections, agenda etc.”

“A fresh approach to how to approach my daily job, giving me strength to do what I do, but be better about it giving me confidence.”

“Learning how to deal with customers in a correct manner.”

“Everything – referrals, control points.”

“The mannerism of how the information was delivered.  There is a lot to take away and improvements on my sales units can be easily increased by a few tweaks.”

“Rob is great at his job and keeps you interested and informed.”

“It was very good and our instructor Rob was very informative and knowledgeable.”

“Understanding that selling involves the buyer being happy buying.”

“The alternative ways of dealing with customers and objections.”

“Back to basics – plain talking/speaking. Answers for all scenarios.  Think about questions/ know the answers.”

“I enjoyed learning about control points; knowing that I can grow a business or my business on the back of referrals and how to learn how to manage myself better.”

“Enjoyed everything about it, learnt a lot from Rob especially the control points of the customer.”

“How to change a mindset for someone who ‘thinks’ they know what they are doing , ‘show/explain’ different ways of doing things as opposed to how things should be done.”

“The interaction with Rob, the ease of understanding.  I enjoy the fact that I now know how to double my sales.”

“I enjoyed every part of the 2 day course.  Appraisals and how to close a deal the most.”

“Excellent event, very helpful for new sales executives and saes executives who have been selling for a long time.”

“Learning new closes to use in the sales process and way to increase referrals.”

“Presentation mixed with humour and information.”

“It was realistic – not crap delivered from a book that you are supposed to do – it was delivered in a real way and believable.”

“Learning about different closing techniques and how to link them together.  Plus how to get referrals.”

“Rob Purfield’s enthusiasm towards us and the course.  Learnt a lot of things that I can actually put into practice unlike some other mind numbing courses I have been on.  Thank you!”

“The tempo, speed and pitch of how the course was delivered.”

“All instructions clear and easy to understand.  Plenty of breaks, it didn’t feel like a typical course.”

“The closing techniques, the agenda, referrals.”

“Captivating and useful information.”

“Referrals, sales process.”

“Process and structure, agenda, closing.  Very motivational course, interesting.  Rob very easy to listen to.”

“Relevance and new techniques.”

“Rob was very, very good.  Great guy 100%.”

Would you recommend this event to others (and why)?

“Yes, as it is a great chance to improve your work.”

“Yes, massive amounts of information/ feedback.”

“Yes, very good deliverance.”

“I would highly recommend this event to every salesperson as a complete eye opener into how to build a lifetime relationship with my customers.”

“Yes, gives you a new approach.”

“Yes, very informative in a relaxed atmosphere.”

“Yes definitely, very knowledgeable course and will learn a lot.”

“Yes!  To truly embrace NICER it will be important that the whole business embrace this train of thought, especially management!”

“This is a must for sales people and managers.”

“Yes!  Valuable information and tools for my success.”

“Yes, very useful to improve sales process.”

“Yes I would recommend.”

“Yes a great learning tool and gives pointers when delivering the sales process.”

“Yes, very easy to listen, never got bored.”

“Yes, most definitely would recommend to everyone regardless of length of service etc.”

“Yes, definitely.  I feel it will work for me and it should help anyone at any experience level.”

“Yes, lots of helpful hints, tips and changes to implement and study.”

“Yes absolutely.”

“Highly recommend the course to anyone.”

“Definitely.  It is a real thought provoking way to look at the sales process.  You could not help but take half a dozen changes, even if you think you know it all.”

“Yes, gets you thinking about how to improve your own performance.”

“Yes, Rob was excellent teaching new methods.”

“Fantastic course – nothing like any other course I have been on, very inspirational.”

“Yes, very simple to understand, great logic and really works.”

“Yes, it makes you think where you would possibly be doing things differently to sell more cars.”

“Yes, all content relevant.”

“Yes, and does not just work for the motor trade.”

“Yes very much so.  It will make all Charles Hurst staff analyse every aspect of sales agenda and arm them for all scenarios.”

“Yes, provided they go to listen you can’t just give yes/no answers because we get challenged and questioned all the time.”

“Yes I would, simply the fact Rob’s learning is a relaxed teaching and makes you feel at ease and involves you with everything he does.”

“Highly, best course I have been on to date.  Not just a new way to do things, motivational, inspirational and a different outlook on your business and benefitting you.”

“Absolutely – everyone in sales needs to take this course – if people wish to increase their sales they need to understand the psychology.”

“Yes, because I learnt so much I never knew and hadn’t learnt in 27 years.”

“Very much.  So much to learn and take in.  This is helpful for all.”

“Yes was very informative.”

:Have done various events in the past and regard this one as the most informative.”

“Yes, I think it would be helpful for everyone.  I also think it would be a good idea for a version of this workshop for Service people.”

“Yes, I think every salesperson could benefit from learning these techniques.”

“Yes, definitely.  Don’t go because you were told to or forced to – go because you want to go and you will benefit!”

“Yes, as anyone new to the trade or experienced will come away with something.”

“Most definitely – very informative and actually puts reasoning behind all these tried and tested methods.”

“100%.  The best and only useable and worthwhile training I have had.”

“Yes, complete new way of looking at car sales and processes that will help sales.”

“Yes, great potential to improve.”

“Yes, most enjoyable course I have been on.”

What was your biggest learning from the event?

“How to treat customers and put them first.”

“How to treat customers as adults and understand their needs and anxieties.”

“Agenda – Model.”

“How to build value into the product and myself.”

“Alternative methods.”

“Understanding how the customer feels when they come into the dealership.”

“Spending time with customer, taking them out to the part exchange.”

“Learning to let go of personal objections (self created).”

“The part exchange process as a form of customer qualification and also the hand over is the Start of the customer journey with Charles Hurst.”

“To slow things down and make the experience unforgettable for the customer so they enjoy buying!”

“PAC Model, agenda setting and part exchange appraisal techniques.”

“Appraisals and dealing with customers on delivery.”

“The agenda, this will be valuable when it comes to sitting customers down and explaining what happens next.”

“Back to basics with the sales process.”

“Relationships are key and sales will follow on.”

“Mainly with the part exchange appraisal, spending more time with customers, setting agenda.”

“Customer whole experience.”

“The sales process is something I really liked.  It is the first time I have had that process explained to me which I found extremely helpful.”

“New tricks for; appraisals part exchange / agenda / referrals.”

“To think more about the customer’s experience and to approach things differently.”

“The agenda, objection handling giving me more options to be back to the customer with, being like a boxer where I can come back with a combination – I now have 20!!”

“Body language, sales process and 5 point walk around.”

“More control, more time (speed kills), referral.”

“Consistently pressing for referrals for your own business, building a robust database as not to rely on walk-ins.”

“All of it was great.  Having a good agenda and slow down the process.”

“Probably appraisals, agenda and closing.”

“That what I thought I was doing was enough but it has a long way to go.”

“Treat all customers as secret shoppers.”

“Full appraisals, learning how to sell and help to negotiate a deal.”

“Control the customer and don’t let them control you, and the agenda.”

“How to break a mindset of happy to accept what happens as opposed to what differences you can do to change things!”

“Slowing the process down.  Allowing the customer to be involved in the appraisal of the car.”

“The Agenda, control points.  I think understanding and practicing this will be the key to my success.”

“To slow the customer down and spend some time with them, make them feel at ease.”

“Structure which is excellent.  Referrals and appraisals which are also very important.”

“Different closing techniques and an agenda which makes sense!”

“Best ways to increase profit and referrals.”

“Realise that I don’t have a job, I have a business.”

“The idea of control points and using them as stepping stones to the end result.”

“Learning about the appraisal and the agenda and taking the customer on a different sales process.”

“So much, everything positive.  Appraisal, referral, body language, agenda and more!”

“To put some thought into the sales process.”

“The common denominator quote.”

“My biggest learning would be the closing techniques and layout out an agenda with customer.”

“Closing techniques.  Key to success.”

“Referrals help repeat and new customers.”

“Potential to improve numbers and profit.”

“Setting an agenda and sticking to the process.  Customers are the most important people to doubling your sales – referrals.”

“Writing to customer, and the agenda.”

Other comments and feedback (eg style of delivery, pace of the event).

“The event was great.  On time.  Rob was a laugh most of the time and explained everything to well.”

“Efficient, great and to be honest was grasped the whole way through.”

“Very good speaker, motivator and good deliverance.”

“Excellent presentation.”

“Very well put together.  Very helpful and worth the two days.”

“Very impressed!”

“Great delivery of a very enjoyable course.”

“Rob has a great coaching style that makes the content of the course enjoyable and makes you want to interact and have a good time.”

“Very well delivered and time taken to explain any details.  Thanks Rob.”

“Very enjoyable, nothing I didn’t know but great refresher to get the practice back.”

“Great presentation skills, well presented at great pace.”

“Could not fault anything.  Pace was great, always answered questions.”

“Maybe should be 3 day course; lots to cover in 2 days.”


“My head is sore but in a good way!!”

“Excellent delivery.  Lots to take in and go over again and again.”

“Maybe too much information for just 2 days, would be nice to have had more time.”

“I have been on a lot of training courses in regard to sales, this has been the best by far.  As I have been out of sales for approximately 3 years, great to know how to do it the RIGHT way!”

“Thanks for all your help Rob.”

“Would recommend to everybody.”

“No improvements needed.  Very professional.”

“Although a 2 day course it was laid out well, not crammed, in a relaxed way but giving me many more ideas how to sell cars.”

“I thought it was very engaging and thought provoking.”

“Very enjoyable – mix of professionalism and humour.  Very involving.”

“Great man.  Serious when needs to be and professional at all times.  Great people person can learn a lot from him.  Would like to pick his brain a bit more.”

“It was outstanding.  Would look forward to doing another event with Rob.”

“Brilliant, fantastic, awesome course.  I will implement and benefit from as I personally paid for course!!”

“Rob was brilliant, laid back, easily understood trainer. I appreciate his help; I cannot wait to put it into practice.”

“All was very interesting with great sense of humour.  Really enjoyed it, I wish now I was as smart as Rob!”

“Brilliantly delivered.  A pleasure to be on the course and learn from someone who is an expert in this field.  Very informative, helpful and would be good for all sales executives to go on – so much to learn.”

“Lots to take in over 2 days, but was good.”

“Style of delivery was good and engaging.  I enjoyed the witty banter of the delivery.”

“Very enjoyable, everything was great.”

“Thanks again.  This course will improve my future in the motor trade – thanks again – it was the most fantastic course I have ever been on!”

“Could have been longer!!  All great.  Delivery clear, book and CD a bonus and be kept in the car.”

“Excellent training course.  A must for EVERY Salesman!”

“Easy to take in. Entertaining.  Awful taste in music!”

“Delivery done at an informal level.  Suggestions rather than demands.  Slow pace, easy to understand, no jargon.”

“Best course I have been on.  Lots of ideas and processes to work on and implement.”

“First class all round!”

“A lot to take in over 2 days, but very, very good.  Loved it!”

If you would like to attend Rob’s next event please call 01482 661177 or email  office@in3ltd.co.uk.