Our “How To Sell A Car To Everyone” Sales Manager Training was a huge success! It received a perfect overall rating of 10/10 from all 14 sales managers who attended the event. We are sharing their feedback below so you can have an idea of how helpful this training was for them. Please note that these are direct quotes from the survey that we conducted after the said event.

What did you enjoy most about the event?

“We talked about situations and solutions that I believe will work and make us more money.”

“Learning new and very useful ideas.  Change processes to benefit me.”

“Great refresher.”

“I found Rob very informative and picked up many ideas.”

“Rob took time to explain everything.”

“Very good presentation – great to get a complete overview of what the Sales Executives have been trained on.  They now know what they should be doing and have no excuses not to.”

“Extra ideas to add into the sales process.”


“Sales process tweaks reference.  Part Ex appraisal and Meet and Greet.”

“Openness in group discussion.”

“The whole day, I found it most refreshing.”

“The interaction between Rob and the delegates, good feedback, sharing best practice etc.”

“The tone and attitude of Rob made the training an enjoyable experience.”

“Thought it great to see what the sales staff had been through in order that we can manage them better.”

Would you recommend this event to others (and why)?

“I would recommend as it will help all management to change the process and the sales team will get a consistent message from us following training.”

“Yes, great presentation and delivery.  Can only improve our business.”

“Yes, definitely – lots of best practice shared.”

“I think every sales person should attend this overview.”

“Yes, should be mandatory.”

“Yes, the simple facts are explained.”

“Yes, to train new and existing sales staff.”

“Yes, covered a wide range of sales process.  Great learning curve.”

“Yes, everyone can benefit because it make us think about reality.”

“It was simple but effective, and kept everyone interested.”

“Without a doubt.  We have a set sales process within Charles Hurst and there were tweaks that Rob introduced that I believe will help us sell more cars in the future.”

“Yes, it was good to get a difference prospective on areas of the business that you think you know, different approach with staff to get the most out of them.”

“Definitely, Rob puts things across in a way which inspires and motivates.”

“Yes, unlike a lot of courses I found it very interactive which kept the entire room involved.”

What was your biggest learning from the event?

“The power of referrals and setting an agenda when sitting down with the customer.  Also the fact that we can go back and manage the process and measure any improvement.”

“Love the idea of selling the car/salesman/business.”

“Lots of small changes will be implemented – will make big difference.”

“So many things we can improve.”

“Welcoming the customer, appraisals, follow-up letters – personal.”

“How to improve the business.”

“To sell the process but remember to be an individual and go over and above – to over deliver.”

“How not good sales people are at the minute and how so much better we can make them.”

“If you get the process right all the time then you’ll do the business again and again.”

“Control points, agenda, initial meet and greet I liked!”

“Using the ‘agenda’ during the sales process, hand written thank you cards (now in use), staying in contact with lost sales, follow ups by different sales staff, use the voucher offer at the start of the sales process, do not bombard staff with prospects (3 a day is easier to monitor).”

“To get back to basics and do things right.  Also that the team need inspired to achieve a good performance.”

“I felt the point in the sales process where you appraise the car with the customer is a great way to slow the whole process down.  The customer also understands from early what the process is.”

Other comments and feedback (eg. style of delivery, pace of the event)

“All sales staff need to attend.”

“No problems – 100 %.”

“Would love the rest of the sales executives to get some training by Rob.”

“Very good, not too slow, just right.”

“Great days training.”

“Style – very good, casual – you were not condescending like some trainers can be – very well delivered.”


“Everything was fine and it was an enjoyable day.”

“The whole day for sales managers is perfect in my opinion.  Best day’s course I have been on!”

“I enjoyed the pace and style and delivery, it reminded me of some of the basics that I should be doing more of.  I think a half day refresher would be advantageous moving forward.”

“I have been involved in the business for 15 years and have seen many trainers – Rob ranks well near the top.”

“Having been on many courses over the years, this was the most motivating.”

If you would like to attend Rob’s next event please call 01482 661177 or email  office@in3ltd.co.uk.