This “Call Centre – CRC Training” got a perfect rating of 10/10 from all 8 of its participants. You can read their feedback below.

What did you enjoy most about the event?

“Learning different ways/techniques to adopt on calls and engage more positively with the customer.”

“Tips for enthusiastic calls – superlatives.  Selling service plans.  Speaking to customer – ask how they are?”

“The attitude of Rob, very positive and motivational.”

“Learning about different ways to go into a call, be enthusiastic, and treat every call separately.”

“Loads.  How to overcome objections, how to be more enthusiastic and tone of voice etc on calls, and service plan method.”

“Learning things, remembering things I already know!  Back to basics.”

“Learning different techniques to use in our phone calls and how to change my tone in how I come across to the customers and us my personality.”

“Learning different techniques which will enhance future performance in work and life.  From today’s workshop I will take a lot from it and not just for benefit of work.”

Would you recommend this event to others (and why)?

“Yes, the programme was very beneficial.  Learnt various skills on how to secure a sale with the customer, ways and techniques of positive conversations and maintaining customer for life.”

“Yes – knowledgeable teacher, great tips!”

“Yes, it can help lift your personality and will help sell more upsells.”

“Yes – very helpful.”

“Yes, very useful and helped me feel very motivated about making every call fun etc.”

“Yes, Rob loves his job and is brilliant at what he does – even with a tough crowd!”

“Yes. It has helped me think about my job a lot more and being enjoyable on the phone day to day with customers, and how to say certain things in a way which will help secure a booking.”

“Without a doubt.  It has been an eye opener into how to be more successful through a few different factors which can be incorporated into my routines.”

What was your biggest learning from the event?

“Improving my own performance, building a more positive and friendly relationship with customers and engaging in what the customer says so that I can adapt effectively to their needs.”

“How to rephrase calls to gain more bookings, talk to customers like you are in a conversation as opposed to ridged script like motion.”

“To be positive on the calls, and see other options.”

“Be enthusiastic, use superlatives, lead the call, and be assumptive.”

“The whole thing.  Mainly the service plan method, I liked that point and how to push myself to make every call better.”

“Learning that every customer is exactly the same but at the same time totally different!”

“To be more enthusiastic on the phone and learn to be positive on every call and make the customer fell as if they are important to the company ‘customers for life’.”

“To take different approach into future calls.  How being enthusiastic will drive performance.”

““The biggest room is the room for improvement”.”

Other comments and feedback (eg. style of delivery, pace of the event).

Excellent knowledge provided, was fun and very motivational.”

“Fun, very informative.  All interactive which is how I learn the best?”

“Thank you.”

“Brilliant, very helpful.  Great workshop.”

“Brilliant delivery.  Easy to listen to and easy to learn.  Pace was perfect.”

“Thanks for a great day.  Motivated me a lot.  Made the day fun and learnt a lot of new techniques which I will be using.  Delivered the course very well and was very happy with how today went.”

“Pace of event was great, regular intervals and every interval felt like another experience.”

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