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He was very, very good and really inspired the team – the feedback from the team was great. His messages throughout really hit home with the team and we will be able to transfer these into their daily work really well – it was a fab start to our training focus. He was very accommodating and easy to work with, as well as very funny, and I would recommend him to others.  Leesa Merritt Met Life May 2011

An in demand, entertaining speaker, Robert has presented on the following;


Selling in an impossible market – Athletes compete against each other, not the track or the conditions. As author of “The Ultimate Knockout Closing System” Rob sets out in this keynote the conditions required to ‘sell in an impossible market’ – this high energy entertaining session will motivate the audience to understanding how to be successful in selling when everyone else is struggling. Sharing techniques and strategies that have seen him personally sell through two major recessions the insights shared here will make all the difference to a struggling sales team – from the ‘Magic Matrix’ – to ’20 heavyweight techniques that catapult your customer to YES!’ it’s all in this session


The journey from Potential to Performance – A truly motivational event which encapsulates the ‘molecules of emotion and why we do what we do. This Keynote identifies what controls our emotions on a minute by minute basis and how we can control our own behaviour if we can understand the personal motivation behind our attitude. The session provides groups and individuals with strategies and techniques to achieve their TRUE POTENTIAL, drawing on such unusual examples as killer whales at Disney – an ideal speech for anyone wanting to focus their people on greater performance and get buy-in to the idea that we all have untapped potential


Improving performance through personal Choice of Attitude – this highly commended keynote focuses on the choices we all make everyday which impact on ourselves and our organisations. The session helps people recognise that change is inevitable and provides coping and understanding strategies in an entertaining environment to help people view change positively – a superb session that fits the bill for any organisation going through change, it demonstrates to people that we all have a choice, and the choices we make define the outcomes we get


Communication Styles and their impact on corporate performance – this is a really interactive session and will positively change the way the organisation communicates forever, whether for managers, teams or salespeople this is a must do session for better communication and understanding of others. The session introduces people to why others are different, and to accept that it’s ok for them to be that way. Using a superb metaphor of ‘Colour Energies’ this session will definitely creat a new ‘common positive language’ for dealing with confrontation and difficult situations in the work place– superb for teambuilding, dealing with change or understanding each other and/or customers


The Happiness Hypothesis, improving morale in the work place – have you ever woken up and thought “Oh jeez! It’s going to be one of those days!” – well never again, once you audience have been through this humour packed session every day will be a great day, you will notice a remarkable shift in attitude and behaviour for the better, making work a fun place to be! The session helps everyone see that no matter what our opinion of our workplace ‘we are all volunteers!’

Plus of Course Rob has some EXTREME MOTIVATION SESSIONS that can be dovetailed into the above or run as independent motivational seminars

Firewalking – an amazing personal experience, brought to the Western world by Tolley Burkan, firewalking provides many metaphors and lessons that are transportable into your personal life

Board Breaking with bare hands – much more of a psychological challenge than a physical challenge ‘Board breaking is a life changing personal experience

Arrow Breaking on the throat – this one is a real mindbender, breaking real arrows by placing them on your throat and walking into them until they break really does teach you that despite all the logic your brain is throwing at you, you can accomplish anything


Shelia Randle, Sales Manager of Pentagon Toyota had this to say …

“There are not many courses of this calibre about for experienced sellers and I loved the way it was delivered. Rob treats his audience with respect. My guys came away buzzing. It enlightened us all and we have completely bought into it. It was well put together and based on truth. I thought it was phenomenal!”

Voted top speaker at this years IGD Conference, Robert has written books, articles, and made videos and podcasts on numerous topics bringing the skills required to improve individual and corporate performance to life in a way that entertains.

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Having enjoyed a career that started in the highflying world of Accountancy with one of the ‘Big Four’, Robert’s transition to Sales is what fired his passion for achievement through the excellence of behaviour. Experience of working in the Leisure Sector, Automotive Sector and with experience in the Finance Sector, Robert shares some amazing insights with his audiences, displaying remarkable understanding of what makes people reach their potential.

Starting from a platform of “Potential = Performance less Interference” and by highlighting the nine key things which stop people and organisations reaching their true potential, Robert’s no-nonsense style makes his audience think about what action they can take to improve their own performance immediately.

Robert took his direct approach into the world of sport, when he was engaged by Hull City Manager, Phil Brown, to help focus himself and the management team to achieve the club’s plans for development. Fourth from bottom in the second tier of English football when he started, Robert helped inspire Hull City to survival in the first season and then played his part in focussing the Club to their amazing foray into the Premiership, the first time the club has played in the top flight in its 104 year history.

Phil Brown, Hull City Manager, said of Robert, “when you work with him you really do know where you stand, he is no respecter of reputations and past success, Rob tells it as it is and keeps you focussed on the future goal”.

More feedback …

“Was very impressed with the content and firmly believe it will help my style and improve my approach to various situations, Rob was by far the most impressive seminar speaker I have witnessed and is clearly at the top of his field.” – Stuart Ogden, SSG Group, May 2011


Areas of Expertise

­As a genuine expert in NLP, Robert studied for 31/2 years with NLP Co-creator John Grinder, qualified in both hypnotism and hypnotherapy; Robert’s grasp of popular psychology and its impact on personal and corporate achievement make him stand out as a change agent in any environment.

In 2008 Robert qualified as a Firewalk Instructor, which he says, “Really focuses the mind on what it takes to overcome internal interference” and is in great demand to run firewalk seminars for individuals, charities and corporate clients.

Bringing all this together with his finance background, business acumen, and unique presentation style, makes Robert a truly inspirational speaker, trainer, coach and Business Consultant.

Robert has had the privilege of working with or presenting to audiences from;:

Met Life, Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda, Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Saab, Chevrolet, Smith & Nephew, Hull City Football Club, Linpac, Volvo, Inchcape Retail, Jardine Motor Group, Land Rover, Hull University Logistics Institute, Leeds United LFC, Co-operatve Group, SSG Security and many others…

Clients Comments

“Tells it as it is and keeps you focussed on the future goal.” (Phil Brown, Hull City Manager)

“Welcome back, I’d forgotten how good a speaker you are, you kept the audience on the edge of their seats throughout.” (Volkswagen)

“You did more for our internal communication in one day than I have managed in my entire career with the Company.” (Volvo)

“Great presentation skills, very entertaining, thank you.” (Auto Logistics)