Two Day Aftersales Development Workshop

Shows how to Upsell as much as £250,000 more aftersales per year

Introducing a “Unique Upsell Formula” guaranteed to increase your upsell dramatically, by adding at least 5 (FIVE) or more upsell opportunities to every enquiry.

Take this two day workshop and to hear how it’s possible to get an extra £250,000 worth of Labour and Parts Sales per year, using my unique “Aftersales Upsell Formula”

In this special two day event you and your Aftersales Team will get everything you need to identify and plan an amazing new upsell process.

The process is guaranteed to add at least 5 or more upsell opportunities to every Aftersales enquiry, and to ensure you stop your customers falling into the arms of the independents.

Starting with the incoming enquiry (at least 3 opportunities) to the customer bringing the car into the dealership (a further two opportunities) through to the mid repair call (upsell from the VHC), and finally at the handover (at least two further opportunities).

This exclusive two day event, identifies key strategies for selling more Aftersales

Participants will discover:

  • The BIG mistake every service advisor makes that could be costing you thousands (if not hundreds of thousands of lost business every year)
  • How to upsell to every customer (and have them love you for it!)
  • State of the art persuasion techniques to help your aftersales department sell more hours and parts; more often! (six Key Strategies we all fall for everday)
  • Why customers raise price objections and how to handle them
  • The blueprint to designing a powerful and effective upsell process
  • How to sell ALL your RED work
  • How to sell ALL your AMBER work
  • How to have customers buy more every time and still come back

During these two days I will teach first-hand how to:

  • Understand the psychology of getting customers to want to spend more money
  • Create powerful ‘word tracks’ to close every enquiry
  • Develop a fool proof system of up-selling for every ‘service booking’
  • Identify the number one thing that stops people from saying ‘Yes’ to more work
  • Identify the most important attribute needed to sell more hours in your workshop
  • Put together a service process to get you to the top of the CSi Scorecard

This is a high energy, two day interactive seminar where I’ll be sharing the techniques that will help you close every opportunity, plus you will get detailed course materials and pocket size prompts for you to use ‘live in the workplace’.

Attending this Workshop is an absolute must for All Service Advisors and Managers or Anyone in Front-Line After-Sales.

The potential for your Service department is in excess of £100,000 incremental income for the average Dealer and for bigger Dealers as much as £250,000 – possibly more.

For more information Call 01482 661177 and speak to Gill or call me direct on 07967 465102