I was privileged to witness a presentation by a senior analyst from Google this week and was enthralled by the content of his presentation.

I was also surprised by how many people just didn’t get it!

His title was the F-Word and he discussed the concept that the Future is NOW!  It’s time to stop talking about the changing world of retail. It has already changed. He used examples like Domino’s Pizza and Screwfix to highlight the direction we all need to be going in when developing our Customer Service processes, and Customer Experience.

Dominos blog

Domino’s have moved from online ordering through their website to the development of a ‘Button Service’ – https://www.dominos.co.uk/blog/easy-order-button  – and Screwfix have a 24hr call centre and online catalogue of thousands of items customers can choose from and then collect at one of their 350 stores BEFORE the normal work day begins.

tools-1545001Technology obviously plays a major part in these developments but really it is the customer experience that is at the heart of the development.  Many people I have spoken to since have muttered that it’s different for them or they don’t have the same budget as such big organisations.

So, please allow me to highlight a couple of points from the presentation (and a couple of the other speakers)

  1. 1-30 as a linear equation represents 30 steps, but 1-30 exponentially represents 1 billion steps and retail change is happening at an exponential rate.

  2. The future is NOW!

  3. Speed is everything

  4. Fail fast and adjust

  5. It’s no longer the BIG versus the Small but the FAST versus the SLOW

  6. F is not the Future it is for FRICTIONLESS

  7. Value exchanges with customers for their details should be primary to ALL your marketing decisions

  8. Shopping convenience is at the heart of modern retailing.

The key message was to challenge your business for a Seamless and Frictionless customer experience.

Think about car sales, where are the friction points? How easy is it to actually buy a car? Why do I need to come into your dealership? Why is it so difficult to understand the negotiation? Our customers tell us that the worst part of the car buying process is the fact that the negotiation is the longest part of the process.

PrintWhy can’t I talk to someone at 10pm when I am online shopping for my car?

Why don’t you respond to my emails?

In aftersales;  Why do I need to come into the dealership?  Why do I need to even phone?  Why can’t I see you servicing or repairing my car?  Why can’t you fix it whilst I wait?

Why do you want my car at 8am when you won’t be doing anything to it until about 2pm?

These are just some things to think about, but now is the time to re-construct your customer buying process to make it Frictionless and Seamless.


Don’t make excuses, make changes. Some of the things above you may have covered, but really challenge your buying experience and iron out all the ‘kinks’.  Ask your customers what they want and deliver it.

Time to get uncomfortable – as Marshall Goldsmith warns… “What got you here won’t get you there!”

Remember, if I can help with anything please do let me know, and do leave a comment and share your views and opinions…

Good Luck and Good Selling.