SmartMoves™ for Referrals

Designed specifically for the motor industry, SmartMoves™ is a new set of training programmes based on accelerated learning principles.

SmartMoves™ originally started out as a training course which saw one car manufacturer make £75,000 EXTRA PROFIT in just 6 months after only 5 hours training, and now it has been converted into an e-book covering all the key principles of the success of the formula.

This will:

  • Refresh the focus of your Retail Centres
  • Motivate sales teams to pro-actively attack the market and,
  • Learn new ways of winning more business.

Sheila Randall, Sales Manager, Pentagon Toyota, said…

 “The Referrals Training Rob delivered was a very positive experience for everyone. To sum it up I would say it was ‘real’. This guy was not reading off a script. He clearly understands us and he understands car sales. The referrals process he taught us really does work.

We have sold extra cars and  had a positive impact on ourCSS scores. We are now No. 1 in our zone for customer satisfaction.

I would 100% recommend this training to all other centres!” 

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