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The Ultimate Knockout Closing System

My latest book reveals the secret 5 step formula that overcomes every objection that your prospect could come up with. Discover the 20 Heavyweight sales techniques, including my advice on what it takes to be a success in sales, why customers create objections (and how to override them), how to influence others easily – without effort, how to anticipate the answer to all your prospects questions, the 5 step formula to overcome every objection… and lots more.

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The 7 Biggest Secrets of the World’s #1 Retail Car Salesman

Joe Girard is in the Guiness Book of World Records for the most sales in a single year, and averaged an amazing 6 sales per day throughout his amazing career.

Now I’ve condensed Joe’s sales-boosting and personal wealth building advice into a series of 7 special emails, which you can get for FREE, which include advice such as how to turn losing sales into a winning game plan, the simple one line phrase Joe uses to sum up how he smashes all the sales records, how to ‘paint’ a customer profile that guarantees future sales, key questions that turn ‘mooches’ into buyers and the #1 most important thing you need to know about your prospects.

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Discover Over £2.5 Million Worth of High-Impact Profit Strategies for Motor Dealers

Imagine being able to add over £500,000 to the bottom line performance of your Dealership in just the next 12 Months without spending an extra penny on marketing! Well, even in the current market conditions it can be done!

In this special report you’ll discover…

  • 9 Guaranteed ways to Sell More, More Profitably, More Often
  • 13 Must know Negotiation Tactics that your sales department should be using to add 33% and more to your Unit profit on EVERY Vehicle you Sell
  • 4 Strategies that could add a further £500,000 to the Performance of your Aftersales Department
  • A FOOLPROOF way to make sure your advertising works – and make it even more profitable
  • And much more

This report deals with real life strategies to improve your performance immediately and is a must for anyone serious about making a profit in a Motor Dealership.

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Double Your Sales Instantly with SmartMoves™ for Referrals

Based on accelerated learning principles this programme is designed specifically for motor manufacturers and dealer groups.

Sezinelayingcurvy_778x526martMoves™ originally started out as a training course which saw one car manufacturer make £75,000 EXTRA PROFIT in just 6 months after only 5 hours training, and now it has been converted into an e-book covering all the key principles of the success of the formula, that is to be explored fully during the face-to-face training.

This e-book is ideal if you want to refresh the focus of your Retail Centres, motivate sales teams to pro-actively attack the market and learn new ways of winning more business.

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