£75,000 EXTRA PROFIT in just 6 months for only 5 hours training!

Toyota referrals programme increases sales immediately and improves Customer Satisfaction

“Before the course I would have said we already had a successful referrals process in place. However, I quickly realised, during the day spent with Rob, that we weren’t even scratching the surface” Phillip Openshaw, Sales Manager, Hull John Roe Toyota



To counter the combined impact of the challenging economic climate and the impact on customer footfall from a major product recall on sales in her region, Clare Wright, Toyota Sales Operations Manager for Yorkshire decided it was time introduce her Retail Centres to some pro-active sales principles.

She wanted to…

  • Refresh the focus of her Retail Centres
  • Motivate sales teams to pro-actively attack themarket and,
  • Learn new ways of winning more business.

Clare, who is highly respected within the Toyota management team for getting the most out of her dealers, turned to Robert Purfield. Rob, the founder of specialist motor industry training and consultancy firm iN3 Ltd, is someone Clare has known for over 15 years, and she has worked with him on a number of successful projects in the past. Purfield introduced her to his powerful sales referrals programme.

SmartMoves™ for Referrals – based on the latest accelerated learning techniques, follows a proven sales formula, which is guaranteed to produce results.

Always keen to try something different, it was exactly what Clare was looking for and she explained, “Rob has extremely high standards and he also speaks our language. He knew instantly what was needed and recommended SmartMoves™ for Referrals. I knew I could put him in front of my dealers, they would totally relate to him and he would work his magic.”


Purfield, highly experienced in motor industry sales himself, cleverly takes hard facts regarding the achievements of really successful sales people and relates them to the his audience. During the course, he arms the audience with a number of practical sales tools and a formula for mirroring successful behaviour.

Purfield’s delivery style is unique; combining highenergy, entertainment and straight-talking. He shows salespeople how they can very quickly, and easily, start to use his techniques to generate their own sales success immediately.

SmartMoves™ for Referrals is a one day course that can be delivered to groups of up to 50 or 60 people at a time, saving time and cost. But the learning begins before the actual face-to-face training day takes place. To open the delegates’ minds in preparation for the learning, approximately one week before the training day is scheduled, Rob sends out links to his unique online training material.

All delegates receive an e-book and an e-film and a podcast, covering all the key principles of the success of the SmartMoves™ For Referrals formula, that is to be explored fully during the face-to-face training.

Robert Purfield, Managing Director of iN3 Ltd said…

“The key to what I do is understanding the audience in front of me. Often people in sales are sent on courses, they don’t really want to be there, they are anxious about missing sales opportunities whilst away from the showroom and many of them genuinely believe they know everything they need to know.

This course is based on fact and it demonstrates solid sales principles in a different way. Participants also carry out a number of practical sales activities throughout the day, which means they do more proactive selling in one day than they would have in a month. On our latest project the team sent out over 600 pro-active referral requests to satisfied customers, and that was in just two days.”

The Programme is focused on a simple, but effective structure which takes into account:

  • The Showroom experience
  • The Handover
  • The incentive
  • The follow-up and,
  • How to use business cards effectively

As a result of the SmartMoves™ For Referrals programme participating centres are presenting bouquets of flowers with all cars, both new and used.

Some are presenting designer umbrellas, cuddly toys and pen sets. Some centres are giving a £100 cash incentive to people who refer their family and friends, whilst others are giving away £50 vouchers or food hampers.

The results speak for themselves, because all of the Toyota Centres that took part in this training have sold extra cars and improved their Customer Satisfaction scores.

Philip Openshaw, Sales Manager, Hull John Roe Toyota, said…

“We got a huge amount from this course and because we have embraced the referrals formula 100% it is working beautifully for us. We give flowers with every car at the handover, we follow up at every touch-point opportunity by sending an additional 6 business cards and we give a £100 M&S Food Hamper as a thank you for every referral we receive.

As a result we have sold 75 extra cars since the training took place, just six months ago. Plus our Customer Satisfaction Survey scores have gone up by 10 points”.

Sheila Randall, Sales Manager, Pentagon Toyota, added…

“There are not many courses of this caliber about for experienced sellers and I loved the way it was delivered. Rob treats his audience with respect.

My guys came away buzzing.

It enlightened us all and we have completely bought into it. It was well put together and based on truth. I thought it was phenomenal!.

Javed Sultan, Sales Manager, Benfield Motors said…

“The Referrals Training Rob delivered was a very positive experience for everyone. To sum it up I would say it was ‘real’. This guy was not reading off a script. He clearly understands us and he understands car sales. The referrals process he taught us really does work.

We have sold extra cars and the handwritten letters have also had a positive impact on our CSS scores. We are now No. 1 in our zone for customer satisfaction.

I would 100% recommend this training to all other centres!”


Rob Purfield finished by saying, “This programme is an instant win for people who take it on board. But, more than that, the results are exponential in that they improve year on year as long as you keep doing the right things, the Toyota teams have been a joy to work with and I very much hope to have the opportunity to expand the programme across the country.

Clare Wright, Toyota Sales Operations Manager for Yorkshire, concludes, “Rob Purfield has done a fantastic job for me in Yorkshire. He is a true ambassador for our brand and has inspired and motivated my people to not only sell more incremental units, but also to see that looking after customers well, brings its just rewards. I have recently rolled this programme out across my entire zone and because of the results achieved several colleagues managing other Toyota zones are now talking to Rob about how he can help.”

Clare Wright has put 114 of her people through this training now. Here is a selection of their comments from the feedback forms:





The importance of referrals to the business.

Definitely – extra sales can be achieved.

The simplest things can be the most effective.

Pace excellent. Easy to understand.

New ideas.

Yes – A different approach to repeat business.

A small gesture, i.e. handwritten letter, goes a long way.

Good, refreshing, interesting.

Plain English, straight talking, clear presentation.

Yes – I bought into the concept and intend to give it my best shot.

How much potential one customer can have.

Best and most interesting course for some time.

Unique course covering a very important aspect of our job.

Yes a real trainer at last!

You get out of it what you put in.

A frank way of putting points across.

The sales opportunities with a different approach.

Yes. Productive and worthwhile.

Attitude to all customers.

Style and delivery superb, obviously a very successful man – many thanks for your input.