Monthly Archives: April 2015

If You Want To Be Different – BE DIFFERENT!

So far in 2015, one of the most fascinating things for me about wandering around dealerships is listening to how sales people talk to customers.     Nine times out of ten it sounds and feels so adversarial. They seem, in...
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They’re Not There To Tell You They Don’t Want One!

The buying journey The buying journey for customers has changed dramatically over the last 25 years. Back in the late 80’s  we would see car-buying customers on average 6 or 7 times in the dealership before they made their purchase....
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Inadequate “Day One Mentality” Leads to Perpetual Passing on of Poor Performance

Intense frustration Working with motor industry business leaders this month we got into an interesting discussion about ‘Day One Mentality’. I often hear comments such as of ‘my people don’t do this, they are not doing that?’ For dealership managers...
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