Monthly Archives: October 2013

When Do You Do The Part Ex Appraisal? + 3 Reasons To Change

Traditionally the process was – sell the customer the new car first, before you buy their car – i.e. Take the customer to see the new car 5-Step walk round Test drive Get their commitment to buy the car Commit...
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3 Reasons To Update Your Sales Process And Avoid Becoming A ‘One Trick Pony’

When someone has been doing any job for any length of time, they get so used to doing it they find themselves automatically following the same pattern of behaviour even when it doesn’t work any more. They’ve been doing it so long,...
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Is “Transactional Selling” a thing of the past?

Let’s start by identifying what I mean by transactional selling. Those of you who have been around a while will probably identify with a sales mindset which sets out from ‘the get go’ to get the sale. Nothing wrong with...
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