Monthly Archives: March 2013

3 Signs You Need to Review Your Referral Strategy

1. Your sales manager can’t tell you how many referrals you’re getting or how much business is derived from referrals. If you think about the type of sales coming into your business, it’s going to be one of three types;...
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3 Reasons why you should review your negotiation process within 4 weeks

1. You’re losing Profit Too often, when I watch salespeople negotiate with customers, they go what I call ‘native’. By that, I mean they end up working on behalf of the customer and selling to the business, instead of working...
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13 Objections that Kill the sale and why salespeople can’t get past them

What I witness in car showrooms is that there are certain phrases that customers will use that always seem to stump the salesperson. They’re fairly consistent and repetitive, and I often think to myself; “Well, if these customers are saying...
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