Monthly Archives: December 2012

How to Get Non-Salespeople to Sell Effectively in After-Sales

People who work on Service Reception don’t always see themselves as natural Salespeople. Not only do they not see themselves as Salespeople, they are often not even comfortable with the concept of being a Salesperson – they think, “If I...
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How to Maximize and Convert Amber Work from a VHC

Because Amber work doesn’t need doing immediately, what happens in most cases is; reputable dealerships are upfront with their customers and let them know “This doesn’t need doing immediately. What we’ll do is we’ll make a ‘dive-in note’ and we’ll...
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How to Get More People to Engage in Service Plans

Service plans have benefits both for those selling the plans and the customer. In this article, we’re going to be looking at these benefits, along with how you can get more people to take up your service plans. “How do...
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